Baby Spa Instructional Course

As the creator of not only The Hoverfish, but also the first US baby spa, Float Baby, we personally understand your excitement about opening a baby spa of your own! There are many things to know about safety, operations, marketing, supplies, equipment and more. This is why we now offer our online training course for potential baby spa owners.

Our philosophy is to not only provide you with valuable information, but also to serve as your mentor throughout your construction, grand opening, and anytime afterward. Questions will arise and we are happy to assist. We want new baby spas around the world to use the safest practices, best equipment and offer the highest quality customer service so that we can all continue to serve the tiniest of clients in universal good standing.

Benefits of training with us include continued support from experienced staff, cross promotion on Float Baby Social platforms, and recognition as a Certified Float Baby Trained facility which tells your customers you have been trained by the best!

Our Baby Spa Instructional Course* is conveniently made available to you via Skype. The course is 20 hours, over 14 business days, and costs $7,000. Float Baby Founder, Kristi Ison, is available to travel to your facility to oversee your soft or grand opening. During this time, she can provide recommendations, meet with your staff, and finalize any last minute safety or training items needed. Air and travel accommodations, plus a $500/day fee for onsite consultation. We have trained other baby spas overseas and they are very successful today. Below is a brief overview of some discussion topics from our course based on U.S. standards & our personal experience over the past 5 years.

Administrative Process

  • Creating your company

  • Insurance

  • Location

  • Leasing

  • Floor Plan/Build Out

  • Expenses

  • Training/Hiring Staff

  • Certifications & Immunizations (no clinical or medical degree required)

  • Taxes, Permits

  • Security

  • Phone Messages

  • Client Payments

  • Marketing/Social Media/Competitors/Soft Opening/Grand Opening

  • Promotion Ideas

  • Customer Service

Equipment, Supplies Needed

  • Tubs & Floatation Device

  • Linens

  • Fixed Equipment

  • Technology

  • Cleaning/Sanitizing

Class Instruction

  • Hoverfish use & training

  • Neonatal

  • Gas, Colic, Reflux, Teething

  • Older babies

  • Typical parent questions

  • Recommended tips/tricks for parents at home

  • Demonstration Doll

  • Oils, Skin Treatments

  • Helpful Policies

  • How to set up your schedule

  • How to organize your staff schedule

What You’ll Receive

  • Outlined course agenda with notes

  • Operations Manual

  • Certificate of Course Completion

  • Example of Liability Waiver

  • Example of Graduation Certificate for Clients

  • Priority ordering for Private Label items

*This course does not guarantee the success of your baby spa and is only intended to provide you with our recommendations based on our own business experiences.