Correct Sizing

It’s important to choose the right Hoverfish size for your baby. If you have any questions at all, please contact us for assistance.


By using a fabric tape measure at home, you can quickly and accurately determine is our Regular size would be best for your baby. Our guidelines are accurate for most babies, however we know that there can be some exceptions! When in doubt, measure it out! Don’t have a tape measure? Cut a 10” strip of paper. Fit it around your baby’s neck and you should be able to slide one finger between the paper and your baby’s neck all the way around.


Our Regular size fits most babies between the ages of 9 weeks and 6 months. If your baby was born pre-term you will need to consider the age adjustment. You want to make sure that the baby’s chin is resting at least 1 inch on the inner ledge. Lock the first side and then look to see that there is at least one finger width of space behind your baby’s neck. When the second lock is secured, reposition your baby’s chin(s) forward. There should be at least one finger width around the entire neck area.