+ 1. How old should my baby be to use the Hoverfish safely?

We recommend, above all, that you begin using the Hoverfish when the size is appropriate and safe. Generally speaking, 9 weeks-6mo babies will comfortably fit in the Hoverfish.

+ 2. What is the weight limit?

8lbs minimum, 20lbs maximum

+ 3. Where is the Hoverfish manufactured? What is it made of?

The Hoverfish is proudly made in the USA by a medical device manufacturer. The Hoverfish is made from closed cell, medical grade foam (EVA) with hypoallergenic (POLYSCAN) coating.

+ 4. Who invented the Hoverfish?

Kristi Ison, the founder of Float Baby, invented the Hoverfish after recognizing the need for a high quality infant floatation product in the market.

+ 5. Is the Hoverfish patented?

Yes. You can review our patent at www.USPTO.gov. Our patent application number is 15/866,893. The name Hoverfish is also trademarked.

+ 6. Where can I buy the Hoverfish?

The Hoverfish is sold exclusively online through www.hoverfishbaby.com and is shipped domestically via USPS. For your convenience, you may choose in store pick up at Float Baby after you’ve purchased the product.

+ 7. Can I use the Hoverfish in a pool, hot tub, lake, ocean or waterpark?

We do not recommend using the Hoverfish in any open body of water. Absolute control of your baby is essential and you must always be within arms reach of your baby while they float. Water temperature is an important consideration.

+ 8. I have a baby with special needs. Would the Hoverfish be beneficial?

Yes. Using the Hoverfish provides babies with the ability to move in a near weightless environment. Water is an excellent way to build physical strength. We always recommend checking with your pediatrician or healthcare provider first. Please call us if you have more specific questions.

+ 9. Is the Hoverfish a US Coast Guard approved floatation device?

No. The US Coast Guard does not approve any infant floatation devices because it does not fall within the category of floatation devices examined by the United States Coast Guard. However, the locks that are used to secure your Hoverfish ARE used on US Coast Guard approved lifesaving floatation devices. The USCG only offers approval for flotation devices that are required on vessels such as recreational boats or for boating-related activities (such as fishing, water skiing, canoeing, and kayaking).

+ 10. What is the ideal water temperature for my baby?

Mayo Clinic recommends a bath temperature of between 95 and 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

+ 11. How often can my baby float?

Floating is exercise and can be beneficial to do regularly. Remember that your baby is new to burning this many calories and may need to work up to the recommended 20 minutes max, once per day session. Daily floating is acceptable, but it’s best to let your baby indicate whether they are in the mood every time you offer floating.

+ 12. How will I know that I’ve placed the Hoverfish on my baby correctly?

The nose of the Hoverfish should be in front of your baby and the tail should be behind the head. After you have secured both locking clasps, you should be able to easily slide one finger all the way around between the Hoverfish and your baby’s neck. Your baby's chin should not be able to easily come off the inner ledge. Be sure to readjust the chin so that it is on the inner ledge of the float and comfortable.

+ 13. What if my baby doesn’t like floating?

Most babies enjoy floating but it may take a time or two for your baby to adjust. The most important thing is to listen to your baby. If your baby doesn’t feel like floating today, try again tomorrow!

+ 14. Can I reuse my Hoverfish for another child?

We guarantee the Hoverfish for one year from time of purchase. We would always recommend checking the integrity of any product used outside of the warranty. Hoverfish is not approved for resale and voids the warranty.

+ 15. Can I return the Hoverfish?

We are happy to accept returns within 30 days of purchase. Please visit sales@hoverfishbaby.com to initiate a return. All items must be returned in their original packaging, unused, and in resalable condition. Items are to be returned at customer’s expense and original shipping charges are not refundable. There will also be a $5 restocking fee deducted for each item. Please provide proof of purchase. Refunds are issued to the original credit card on file.