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We are the creators of Hoverfish. 

Join our philosophy of providing high quality, professionally supervised floatation experiences for the tiniest of clients around the world.


Our Philosophy.

We believe in safety first.  In response to many unreliable, inflatable infant floatation devices being sold online, we designed the Hoverfish.  Unmatched in quality, safety and design, the Hoverfish is proudly made in the U.S.A. with medical grade safety foam, U.S. Coast Guard approved locking mechanisms and the ability to fit each growing baby with the appropriate size. 

We invite U.S.A. highly credentialed Swim Centers & our International Baby Spa friends to also provide the highest level of quality for their tiny clients.  See a list of our Certified Hoverfish Baby Spas here.  Contact us today to learn how you can join us in providing the best product for your business.  The Hoverfish, created by the people who actually know floating: Kristi Ison of Float Baby and Shark Tank.  Questions? Contact us.