How To Use the Hoverfish


The Hoverfish size Regular is available for sale for in home use. Recommended sizing is based on the average baby's age, weight and neck size. Measuring guidelines can be found here (link) if you would like to be sure prior to ordering. 

Before each use, unlock both locking clasps. Pull both straps on the 3 prong locking side low and tight near the float. You may need to pull the straps out of their storage holes for access. These can be tucked back in after tightness has been checked. If your LO has a large head, the Hoverfish straps can be loosened first, expanded to fit over your baby’s head, then tightened as mentioned above while the Hoverfish is on your baby. The Hoverfish should fit easily over the baby’s head when expanded, and should have at least one finger width of space around the neck prior to locking the clasps. Fitting and removing the Hoverfish safely and correctly takes two people. The first caregiver should hold the baby in a sitting upright position for steps 1-7.

1. While the first caregiver holds the baby, the second caregiver should unlock both locking clasps, checking the straps for tightness, and expand by pulling the Hoverfish Nose and Tail apart.

2. Place the expanded Hoverfish over the baby's head and position the Hoverfish Tail behind the baby's head.

3. Lift the baby's chin onto the inner ledge of the Hoverfish Nose.

4. Making sure baby's hands are out of the way, connect the first locking clasp.

5. Reposition the baby's chin straight and forward on the ledge if necessary.

6. Making sure baby’s hands are out of the way, connect the second locking clasp.

7. Check for adequate (one finger width) spacing between the baby's neck and the Hoverfish. Make sure that the straps are tight enough so that both pieces of the Hoverfish fit back together firmly when locked.

8. Lift the baby under the arms and lower slowly and vertically into the water.

9. Release the baby when he/she seems confidant. The water level should be high enough where your baby’s toes can barely skim the bottom of the tub. If your baby can jump or push off the bottom of the tub then you must add more water before proceeding. Never fill the tub while the baby is in it. Remove the baby, add more water and begin again.

10. Your baby may want to float for a long time! We recommend no more than 25 minutes per day. This is a lot of exercise for your baby and a lot of calories are being burned. Shorter floats will allow your baby to come out of the water feeling relaxed instead of overtired. When the baby shows signs of being done (fussy, fidgeting) the first caregiver should hold the baby under the arms, allowing the baby to remain warmly in the water while the float is being removed by the second caregiver.

11. Confirming that the first caregiver has a firm hold on the baby, the second caregiver should disconnect the first and second locking clasps.

12. Pull the Hoverfish Nose and Tail apart to expand the straps.

13. Gently remove over top of baby's head.  The first caregiver may need to support the neck on a younger infant.

14. Remove your baby from the tub and quickly wrap in a towel. A warm towel heated in your dryer is a special treat! Never leave your baby alone to go the dryer.

*For complete directions, warnings & product information, please read the Instructions for Use included in your packaging or download here.