How To Use the Hoverfish


1. Determine the right size based on baby's age, weight and size.  The Hoverfish comes in Petite & Regular.

2. While caregiver holds the baby, unlock both locking clasps and expand by pulling the Hoverfish Nose and Tail apart.

3. Place the expanded Hoverfish over the baby's head and position the Hoverfish Tail behind the baby's head.

4. Lift the baby's chin onto the inner ledge of the Hoverfish Nose.

5. Connect the first locking clasp, making sure baby's hands are out of the way.

6. Reposition the baby's chin straight and forward on the ledge if necessary.

7. Connect the second locking clasp, making sure baby's hands are out of the way.

8. Check for adequate (one finger width) spacing between the baby's neck and the Hoverfish.

9. Lift the baby under the arms and lower slowly and vertically into the water.

10. Release the baby when he/she seems confidant.

11. When the baby shows signs of being done, ask the caregiver to hold the baby under the arms, remaining in the water.

12. Confirm caregiver has a firm hold on the baby and disconnect the first and second locking clasps.

13. Pull the Hoverfish Nose and Tail apart to expand the straps.

14. Gently remove over top of baby's head.  Ask the caregiver to support the neck if necessary.

*For complete directions, warnings & product information, please read the Instructions for Use included in your packaging.