The Hoverfish is a patented, trademarked infant floatation device that was created by the founder of Float Baby. Unlike other inflatables on the market, the Hoverfish is made from medical grade safety foam, with dual U.S. Coast Guard approved clasps. Used in over 2,500 classes in 2018 under direct supervision of professionally trained staff at Float Baby, we personally understand every aspect of floating and the safest way for you and your baby to enjoy it.

PATENT: 10,286,257 www.hoverfishbaby.com/patents


Babies love floating and there are several benefits they gain from regular use. Breathing against the pressure of the water improves respiratory strength, freedom of movement increases strength and full body awareness, improved digestion and sleep are common results, and an increased familiarity with water helps when it’s time for formal swim classes.


Safety is our number one priority and after floating babies over 10,000 times, the founder of Float Baby set out to make an infant floatation device that is truly unique. Because the Hoverfish is made from medical grade safety foam, unlike inflatable products, there is never a chance for leaking or a need to check for leaks prior to using the product. Additionally, the design allows for a comfortable float for your baby, as the chin rests on a flat smooth ledge, rather than a hard plastic bar or secondary air chamber that some inflatable products use. We do not recommend allowing your baby to float for more than 20 minutes per day.