The Hoverfish

The Hoverfish


The Hoverfish is a patented, trademarked infant floatation device that was created by the founder of Float Baby. Unlike other inflatables on the market, the Hoverfish is made from medical grade safety foam, with dual U.S. Coast Guard approved clasps. Used in over 2,500 classes in 2018 under direct supervision of professionally trained staff at Float Baby, we personally understand every aspect of floating and the safest way for you and your baby to enjoy it.

The Hoverfish Regular measures 3.0” inner diameter and 15“ outer diameter. Made of medical grade safety foam, it is latex free and has two U.S. Coast Guard approved locking, quick connect mechanisms with adjustable straps on the top side of the float to ensure a safe fit. The Hoverfish Regular fits babies between the ages of 9 weeks and 6 months, or 8 pounds to 20 pounds. These are approximated ranges. Proper fit must be determined for each individual baby at the time of floating. Proudly manufactured in the USA. One year guarantee. Not authorized for resale. Clean with warm soapy water, rinse and dry after each use. Always review the instructions for use prior to using.

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